Chill Burlington


Ted Calcagni
Burlington Manager


Our Chill Burlington site was established in 1997 as our very first youth-development program. Chill Burlington has grown over the years to include three nights of on-snow programming as well as a freestyle mentoring program and a skateboarding program offered during snowboarding’s off-season. Since our inception, the Chill Burlington site has served over 1,000 at-risk and underserved youth in the greater Burlington area.

Snow Program:

  • Location: Bolton Valley Resort, VT
  • Our on-snow program runs after-school three nights per week and lasts six weeks. The entire program is provided at no cost to the youth or agencies involved.
  • Program participants meet in Burlington, VT and ride as a group to and from the mountain each night.
  • Contact the Local Manager for more information 

Chill Freestyle:

  • Location: Sugarbush Resort, VT
  • Chill Freestyle is a one-on-one mentoring program aimed towards youth with an interest in building freestyle snowboarding skills. Youth and mentors spend one day per week on the slopes and ride for six weeks total. The program offers mentoring time as well as freestyle coaching, all provided at no cost to the youth involved. 

Skateboard Program:

  • Location: Talent Skatepark, VT
  • Our skateboard program runs one day per week for six weeks. The entire program is provided at no cost to the youth or agencies involved.


Thank you so much to everyone who came out to help support Chill Burlington at the Color Run Kaleidoscope Tour 2014!  It was a huge success and helped raise funds for local programming.  Thank you for supporting Chill Burlington and Vermont youth!

Chill Burlington Rail Jam: TBD, January, 2015

Volunteer Opportunities:

On-Snow Volunteers:

Volunteers will meet the Chill group at the mountain one night each week for all six weeks. Volunteers will help youth with gear, lift tickets, lessons, ride groups, etc.

Chill Freestyle:

Volunteers will serve as mentors and will be paired up with individual mentees. Mentor and mentee pairs will meet the rest of the Chill group at the mountain one day per week for six weeks. Chill Freestyle volunteers should have interest in freestyle snowboarding and should have fundamental park riding ability.

Chill Skateboard:

Volunteers will serve as skateboard coaches for Chill participants. Volunteers will be expected to skate with Chill one day per week for all six weeks. Volunteer coaches should have the ability to demonstrate the fundamental skills of skateboarding.