Can a youth participate in the program more than once?

Yes, youth may participate in Chill programming for two seasons in each board program and then have the opportunity to return as a peer leader for their third season. Each agency can bring up to one peer leader per season, and these peer leaders apply with their agencies for this great opportunity.

How are the Chill participants selected?

All of our participants come from a school group, an organization, or an agency.  These groups all have their own methods of choosing the participants that come to Chill.

How much does Chill cost the participants?

Nothing!  This experience is free of charge for our participants, and also includes head-to-toe gear to use while snowboarding and transportation.

How do I get a youth involved with the Chill program?

Each participant must come with a school group, an organization, or an agency.  We do not accept individual applications at this time.

What is the age range that Chill works with?

Chill works with adolescents ages 10-18.

How do the participants get to the mountain?

All of the participants take a bus up to the mountain together.  Everyone meets at a central pick-up location is then dropped off at the same location at the end of the program.  All of our weekly themes and lessons are taught on the bus, making the bus ride a very integral part of our program!

How do I bring Chill to my city?

At this time we are focusing on getting all of our current sites to a year-round model.  If you have any other questions regarding bringing Chill to your city please email

Can I donate gear to the Chill program?

We are currently accepting donations of Burton products including bindings (preferably large and extra-large), snowboards, boots, snow pants, and jackets that are all in good conditions.  We also are accepting donations of goggles and gloves.  Please contact if you would like to donate gear to Chill.