In each of our programs, we serve anywhere from 40-50 youth in one program day. Although we have excellent local coordinators and outstanding snowboard instructors, our sites could never operate without volunteers. We work with volunteers for both program and fundraising projects.

Program Opportunities

Chill Snow:

Our six-week introductory program for kids who are brand new to snowboarding.

Where: Burlington, Boston, NYC, D.C./ Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto,

Chill Freestyle:

Our mentor-based snowboard program for youth who already participated in Chill.
Where: Burlington, Denver, Portland

Chill Surf:

Our 6 week introductory program for kids who are brand new to Surfing.
Where: NYC

Chill Skate:

Our six- week introductory program for kids who are brand new to Skating.
Where: Burlington, Denver, Seattle

Chill Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP):

Our six-week introductory program for kids who are brand new to paddleboarding
Where: Denver, Burlington


Fundraising Opportunities

Event Planning
Advisory Committees
Sponsorship Solicitation
Grant writing
*Many opportunities arise throughout the country.

National and local staff can contact you with opportunities in your area.

Interested in volunteering?  Fill out our online application!

Tips for our Volunteers

-If you’re applying to volunteer at our programs, you will be required to submit for a criminal background record check. This is our way of ensuring a safe and positive environment for our youth.
-In order to volunteer for our program, you must be available for a minimum of three consecutive programs. This is an important step to creating consistency for our participants.

-Jump in! Our programs are structured, but you will be most effective when you’re able to be pro-active and do whatever needs to be done.

-Don’t be shy! Gearing everyone up on their first program day can be hectic! There may not be time for formal introductions, so get in there and introduce yourself to the kids!   If you can help with the gear up process before the group starts lessons, you will have time to meet the kids and their chaperones.
-Be creative! Just because we don’t already do it, doesn’t mean we won’t ever do it. We love hearing your ideas for programming and fundraising. Volunteer feedback is important for us as we grow our programs.

-Have fun; we’re empowering youth through board sports!


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